Thank you for taking the time to  look at our website .  We are excited to bring this great experience to Tucson and the local surrounding communities!  Together we can all make a  difference and have an amazing time doing it.

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The World's First
Non-Profit Tattoo Shop
Please enjoy our videos 
The video to the left is our first commercial we ever released and the two at the bottom are a couple of teaser videos we had a little fun with.  We hope you enjoy any and all of them. Thank you for taking the time to watch.
Volume 4: One Year Anniversary/ Time Issue

In volume number 4 of Ignite the Spark we dig even deeper into some topics on the importance of TIME

In this issue we bring to you some deep thoughts on the factors of the importance of time in regards to life, family and one's own self

Beyond the Tattoo with Johnny V has two parts in this extented magazine. Part 1 discusses the meanings that can be expressed through tattoos and Part 2 discusses to topic of flash tattoos and how they were intented to be used

In Piercing Pleasures we explain the every troubling keloid in piercings and how to remedy them

  We discuss the importance of giving back and how it has changed lives to be fuller and more meaningful

We have a dedicated spotlight article to Spark Project Collective in the celebration of our one year anniversary and welcoming in Nate Brinker and Aldo Figueroa to our tattoo artist lineup.

We bring back the amazing articles in Rock the Plank and Pyrate's Booty and so much more in this double sized addition of Ignite the Spark Magazine

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Loyalty Program
Now you can earn gift cards at Spark Project Collective to be used towards tattoos, body piercings, concerts, retail or art!!  It always pays to be loyal and we want to reward you.  You can earn points for every dollar you spend with us and you can earn points for every dollar you refer to us.  And remember that every dollar spent at Spark Project Collective is a donation to help children with disabilities!!
Earn 50 bonus points for signing up

1) Download the Stamp Me App on your mobile device (look for the logo on left)
2) Register on the app using your name, number and email
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4) Come into SPC and earn 1 point for every dollar spent
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6) When you have enough points come into the store to redeem for your $50, $75 or $100 Gift Card

Tattoos and Body Piercings

Art Gallery and Retail

Live Music

We are proud to say we are the only Non-Profit tattoo shop in Tucson, AZ. We aim to offer top quality work and give our clients a memorable experience. We would like to become the best tattoo shop in Tucson, AZ USA with the top tattoo artists in Tucson, AZ. We believe that every tattoo and body piercing is a true piece of art that enriches ones life and boosts ones self esteem. Please take the time to cick the link and visit our instagram page to see some of our work. If you like what you see please follow us.
We aim to showcase our local artists within our gallery as well as bring them together with other artists from all around the world.  If you would like to experience the art we have to offer please load up the family and come on down. We would love to see you all!!

Our retail selection includes, band t-shirts, local prints, jewelry, candles, patches, children shirts, baby onesies, drinking glasses and much more. We will have featured products from Tiny Town Surplus available at our location.

Pictures of the location will be available upon grand opening on August 1, 2017.
We believe that music is the way of life and we want to showcase what Tucson has to offer. We will have a wide range of live music in Tucson, AZ including acoustic sets, plugged in sets, pianists, children performances, percussion performances, demonstrations, vocalists, comedians and whatever else is of interest to our community.

Check out our live music and events page to see what we have coming up and follow us on instagram to get all the updates through social media.
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Spark Project Collective

Hospital Visits
We are the spark project make 2 hospital visits per year to do art therapy with terminally ill children and every once in a while we surprise them with celebrity guests like Cris "Cyborg" Santos.
When we get the chance we do walk-a-thons to help raise awareness and at the end of the event we always try to make one wish come true for children with disabilities.
In the Community
Raise the Spectrum is our annual large concert to raise awareness for individuals on the autism spectrum.  When will the first annual large concert be in Tucson?  Help us work towards it to kick it off right!!
We are the spark project seeks to be active in our local communities through outreach programs such as hospital visits, walk-a-thons, concerts and other special events.
Giving back to the community is what we are about!!
Lets do this together Tucson!!