Our Story
The Making of the Dream

     Spark Project Collective is a dream shop of it's owner.  It has been in the workings since 2011 when he decided to venture out into opening his first tattoo shop "Golden State Tattoo" in California.  Unfortunately the concept had to stay strictly to the tattoo and body piercing world due to initial funding. 

      In 2014 he launched his next plan of action by creating the non profit organization "We are the Spark Project". 

     "We are the Spark Project" was created because our owner had an artist working for him that had an autistic son.  As he witnessed the struggles of his artist making ends meet financially and seeing how much time he had to take off work to attend to his sons needs.  He thought to himself, "There has to be a way to help out others in need and in this same situation."  He contacted a close friend and together they formed a plan to create the foundation.  In 2014 it was launched with the Raise the Spectrum Autism Awareness concert.  The show was a great success and the foundation was on its way. 

     During the foundations first year they primarily help families by assisting them with small grants for items such as groceries, utility bills and clothing.  They also built a team that helped repair damaged done to homes made by children on the autism spectrum during fits of rage.  These repairs included patching walls and installing a lightly padded security wall to help prevent the damage from being done again.

     In the foundations second year they ventured out and partnered up with a home respite service.  This partnership was proving to be one sided in terms of the respite service gaining funding off of the foundations name.  So we had to break the partnership for the greater good and the integrity of the foundation.  This year was not a complete loss though.  We made good friends with UFC and Invicta MMA fighter Cris Cyborg Santos.  Together we made visits to childrens hospitals to give the children some inspiration to get better.  We took gifts, stim devices and art supplys to put some smiles on these youngsters faces.  We also made some trips to some orphanages in other countries to help show that our foundation is not locked into the United States alone.  We want to make an impact on the world when opportunities are given.

     In 2016 the foundation wanted to go back to its roots and expand off of that.  They announced the second installment of Raise the Spectrum: A night for Awareness.  They wanted to make this event special, so they organized another event to piggy back off of the show.  The event was called, Walk with Mark for Awareness.  The event was to start the morning after the show starting at the Huntington Beach Pier in California where Mark would start an 86 mile walk to Sea World San Diego in California.  Along the way others were welcome to join him and walk for as long as they would like to gain donations or show support.  When arriving at Sea World San Diego the foundation was to meet with a young man on the autism spectrum named Issah so he could live out his dream of swimming with the dolphins.  Along the way Mark was injured but the foundation made sure they completed the journey to allow Issah to complete his dream. 

     During 2016 we also teamed up with Abada Capoeira of Orange County to start up a new program called Capo Therapy.  This is a movement therapy program to help develop better discipline in young individuals on the autism spectrum through music and movements through capoeira.  The program has shown great success and we look forward to developing it further and launching it in other areas.

     At the break of 2017 our owner had an idea of bringing together all of his passions into one location and foming a way to help out his local community of Tucson, AZ directly.  His idea was to bring his passions for Art, Tattooing, Body Piercing and Music together for a one of a kind experience and all the while use the profits from the location to give back to the community by the means of "We are the Spark Project".  His goals are to bring all of the success from California out to Tucson and their amazing community.  Tucson is where he now calls home and he wants to bring his passions to its people.  Hopefully along the way inspiring others to pursue their dreams and help others while doing it. 

     With Spark Project Collective we hope to pave the way to a new journey of life and help thrive as a community.  Thank you all for reading our story and we hope to see you all very soon!!

"Dream big, change lives!"